Flour - PETRA 9 - 1 kg.

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100% Italian soft wheat flour .

Petra is the line of soft wheat flour that is born in purity by the grinders of Molino Quaglia.
Petra is the culmination of a search of soft wheat for best taste and nutritional profile, chosen not only for their high protein content, but also for the quality of proteins. Cleaning, stability, taste and high content of soluble fiber.
Petra summed up in a line of wheat flour with a unique taste secular knowledge of the grains and the grinding stone of Molino Quaglia.

100% grain, flour which exactly replicates the nutritional balance of the wheat grain. It is ideal for breads, focaccia, pizza, cookies, cakes.


The Petra uniqueness captures instinctively:

     - scent of grain ground into purity and controlled extraction ability to absorb water
     - Heat color reaction
     - taste balance that arises from the presence of a clear flavor of wheat that balances

     and blends well with that of the other ingredients
    -  sweet and round taste of wheat.

 Flour line Petra contribute to a healthier way of life, because with the taste and the nutritional balance of the grains from which arise stimulate feeding easier based on fresh and natural ingredients.


1 bag of 1 kg.