CREATIVO - Professional Wood & Gas Fired Oven

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CREATIVO has been designed and built for all professional applications where it is important to keep together two opposite values: tradition and innovation.

It is a portable oven with 4 wheels that is capable of reaching the operating temperature in a few minutes with minimal consumption. Refractory floor, stainless steel dome and ceramic fiber insulation allow you to reach high temperatures while consuming very little wood.

Thanks to the patented system, if you use very dry firewood, only some fumes arise.

The large cooking surface is designed to satisfy even the most demanding pizza chefs.

CREATIVO helps you improve your cooking abilities.

Hourly capacity of 60 pizzas.

LPG and Methane gas versions available. 

The oven has a predisposition of gas burner on the bricks. We recommend to mout locally gas burner.


The oven floor is made of interchangeable refractory tiles designed to store heat and convey it from the bottom upwards to food for cooking.

The stainless steel dome is studied to reach high temperatures while consuming very little wood.

Ceramic fibre insulation ensures long-lasting warmth inside the oven.

Creativo is fitted with a pyrometer that allows to check combustion chamber temperature.

The narrow mouth allows you to cook good food avoiding heat loss.

The structure is powder coated resistant to high temperatures.



Technical Details

Hob Dimensions (In)                          90x90 cm

External Dimensions (flue included)  100 (L)x100 x 203(h) cm    

Hob height                                           97 cm

Minutes to heat up                               8”/10”

Bread baking (kg)                                8 kg.

N. pizzas at a time                              5 Ø  33 cm

Average consumption                         2,5 kg/h

Maximum temperature (°C)                500°

Flue (cm) Ø                                        Ø  120 mm

Mouth width (cm)                                49x23 cm

Weight                                                120 kg with slide - 100 kg. without slide

Package Dimensions:                        130x110x70(h) cm

Gas Burner Package Dimensions:     57x55x33(h) cm - 14 kg