Bench Spiral Mixer - 16 kg

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Bench spiral mixers with fixed and stainless steel bowl, spiral, shaft and grid with Kinematic motion on pre-lubricated ball bearings. well rounded bottom bowls, transmission with inextensible toothed belts. 

Specific for  for restaurants and pizzeria or for mixing small qualtities of bread dough. 
The shape of the spiral, the relationship of its diameter with the bowl, together with the spiral and bowl revolutions provide the best dough
results. No maintenance is necessary thanks to the inextensible belt. 
Their bowl has a well rounded bottom to avoid flour stagnation.

CE Rules - GOST Certification


Standar triphase voltage.

On request monophase voltage with a 100,00 euro plus on the cost.


Technical Details

kw                           0,55

Weight                     45 kg

Dimensions             35x54x57 cm 

Bowl capacity         16 kg

Bowl Dimension      32x21 cm 

Max flour                 7,5 kg

Min water                 4,1 lt